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The “Future of TV” is the Future of Marketing


Jason Kilar, CEO of Hulu, was the opening presenter at Ad Age Digital Conference in New York on Tuesday. Jason provided Hulu’s 6 predictions for the future of interactive TV. (Apologies to Jason, as I may not have captured the predictions as eloquently as they were shared.)

The Predictions:

  1. TV will be more personalized.
  2. Comprehensive content will be available. (Ex: all sporting events, all shows—past and current, historic events. Basically all content will be available on demand.)
  3. TV experiences will thrive with life (real social interactions, not one-to-many, as it is today).
  4. Unusually convenient (watch what you want, when you want, on any device).
  5. Formats will meet the context.
  6. Advertising opportunities with be relevant, and higher value.

These predictions can, I believe, be expanded to all marketing efforts in the not-too-distant future.

Do you agree?

  • Personalization: Consumers will continue to choose how, when and what they want to consume, including marketing content.
  • Comprehensive: Marketing content will become part of the expanding ecosystem of historic, education, and entertainment content.
  • “Thrive with Life”: Marketing will be shared experiences, not pushed content. Consumers will expect to engage, interact and be delighted by brands and marketing efforts.
  • Convenient: Just like personalization, consumers will ultimately choose when, where and how they consume marketing.
  • Formats: The possibilities are endless, and exciting.

And of course, as engagement, personalization and targeting improves, so will advertising’s relevance, regardless of medium.

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