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Prediction #10: Local Businesses Embrace Mobile Marketing


Top 10Top 10As consumer use of mobile technology continues to rise, local marketers will respond with increased focus on search optimization, mobile website enablement, and mobile local advertising.  

  • According to a ThreatMetrics survey of 722 active internet using consumers, 37% intend to make a purchase using their smart phones, nearly 3 times as many as those who plan to use their tablets.1
  • Google predicts 44% of last minute gifts and 44% of local store searches will be mobile in December 2011.2
  • Local advertisers are on track to spend nearly $800 million this year on mobile advertising and more than $400 million on mobile promotions. Forecasts have those numbers roughly doubling every year for the next 5 years.3
  • 50% of local businesses plan to engage in mobile marketing. These local marketers plan to commit roughly 20% of their budgets to this effort.4

Regardless if a local business is an independent SMB or a local affiliate for a national brand, mobile will be an integral part of marketing for over 50% of local businesses in 2012.  Mobile enables local marketers to capitalize on consumers’ evolving investigation patterns and purchase preferences.

In 2012, local marketers will focus on search engine optimization (SEO), mobile advertising, location-based local advertising, and mobile optimization of websites. Those that do this well, will be the ones consumers find.

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