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Pre-Baby & Post-Baby: Top 5 Ways to Ensure Your Social Media Appeals to Moms


While speaking to my sisters the terms “Pre-Baby” and “Post-Baby” always come up. Reason being, they’ve both undergone huge changes since becoming mothers. The biggest change by far (says me, the sole, non-baby toting sister), has been within their social lives - their social networks and tactics have changed dramatically – ‘Island Mommy’s and ‘Sandpoint Moms Group’ now dominate their social calendar (alongside of their Huggie-wearing darlings, of course) and their reliance on the internet for both personal and professional purposes has skyrocketed.

It makes sense then, that the manner in which mom-targeted brands communicate with the mommy audience is unique. Not only do Moms control over 80% of all family purchases, these incredibly busy, internet-savvy ladies use the web to connect with old friends, research information, seek entertainment and/or to simplify their lives. And according to
eMarketer, 85% of moms surveyed, reported that having a baby substantially changed their purchasing habits.

Here are a few great examples of brands and franchise marketing teams that added social media into their integrated marketing plans to connect with Moms:

Land O’ Frost - Land O’ Moms Community - Land O’ Frost

Land O’Frost has created a community called Land O’Moms. This website allows moms to exchange recipes and parenting advice, download coupons, read articles from women’s magazines and communicate with  popular mommy bloggers (according to this MediaPost article there are over 26 million mommy bloggers).  The Land O’Moms campaign now has now expanded to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Target – Mobile

Always on the go, Moms everywhere have eagerly embraced Target’s new mobile app. Moms can now conveniently checkout using their phones (using Target gift cars) find gift registries, view gift suggestions ideas (based up gender, age, price, personality, etc.), locate specific items at specific Target locations, etc. This provides them with both convenience and rapid information. Target stores everywhere benefit from its localized functionality.

Huggies – Circle of Moms

Huggies joined forces with the popular mommy social site Circle of Moms. The mom-centric site has integrated Huggie’s branded experience within their site and Facebook app. Participating moms are given Huggie reward codes and the chance to win a year’s supply of diapers.

Moments to Share Facebook Application - Fisher-Price
Moms all over the country are using Fisher-Price’s "
Moments to Share" app to organize photos and videos and write accompanying stories that are collected into a timeline. The app automatically creates a timeline of her personalized moments by keeping everything in chronological order. Housed on Facebook, Mom has complete control over who she shares each individual moment with.

Top 5 Ways to Ensure Your Social Media Appeals to Moms
Moms want you to:
   1. Get to the point
   2. Talk to them, not at them
   3. Cover both the pragmatic and emotional aspects of their personalities
   4. Provide them with a “brand story” that they feel good about associating with their daily lives
   5. Allow them to personalize something so that it (your brand) becomes their own 

For the local business targeting moms, take some time to contemplate ways you could incorporate social media into your local marketing and media plan.


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