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The Year Ahead - Our Predictions


We at Balihoo believe great things are in store for 2012.

Primarily, national brands can expect Local Marketing Automation to go mainstream. Is your brand poised to capitalize on these emerging trends and position itself as your industry’s leader?

This year is already proving to be an eventful one—both for Balihoo and across the entire local marketing landscape. In addition to a substantial funding announcement (click here to read the press release), VP of Marketing Shane Vaughan and Susan Tormollen, Director of Marketing, discussed 10 Local Marketing Predictions for 2012 in this year’s first webinar. The majority of participants rated the information “valuable” or “highly valuable,” illustrating the importance for national brands to strategically focus on local marketing.

If you missed the webinar, click here for a PDF download of the slides.

To read our initial blog posts on the 10 Predictions, see below:

Prediction #1: Local Marketing Automation Goes Mainstream
Prediction #2: CMOs Demand ROI Reporting on Local Co-op Programs
Prediction #3: Continued Dramatic Increase in Localization of Media Channels
Prediction #4: Content Marketing Moves Downstream to Local Businesses
Prediction #5: National Brands Demand Integrated Local Marketing Analytics
Prediction #6: National Brands Invest Heavily in Local Websites
Prediction #7: Local Marketers and Businesses Increase Video Use
Prediction #8: SMBs Get on the Call Tracking Bandwagon
Prediction #9: Traditional and Digital Media Lines Blur
Prediction #10: Local Businesses Embrace Mobile Marketing

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